Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Mold, and Farming – How Are They Connected?

Erectile Dysfunction (ED), mold, and farming seem like an odd mix. But in my opinion there is a very close connection with men involved in farming, their working with or handling feed or grains containing mold, and the incidence of having Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or symptoms leading up to it. Sometimes the effects of mold come on so slowly that the symptoms are missed or ignored altogether.

On some occasions however, someone may get physically ill very quickly from mold contact in a silo or grain bin and must be attended to in an emergency situation. The amount, toxicity level, and length of time exposed all have a factor on how your body is able to handle your exposure. In any case, the first concern by the medical profession has been to determine if the lungs and respiratory system are impaired. This is of course very important, but I believe … Read More