Durable Medical Equipment

Durable medical equipment and Medicare

With costs of the most common durable medical equipment reaching upwards of $1,200, the need for payment by Medicare is substantial. This increased cost of medical equipment forces elderly persons to look to Medicare and the rules governing what is covered are often confusing and time consuming. Find a durable medical equipment supplier and rely on their expertise, experience and guidance.

Durable medical equipment is a health care device that helps the elderly and/or disabled person do daily activities easier, and includes such items as wheelchairs, walkers, oxygen tanks, and hospital beds. Even items such as mobility aids, medication dispensers, convalescent care products, rehabilitation equipment and more. Also, Federal housing agencies want to make a difference to the lives of elderly and disabled persons by providing financial assistance to homeowners and landlords to carry out home adaptations.

Medicare covers certain types of durable medical equipment … Read More

Alzheimer’s – Protecting Choices With Durable Power of Attorney and Advanced Health Care Directives

As soon as you are about to care for an elder with Alzheimer’s you need to review your loved one’s durable power of attorney for finances and their advanced health care directives. Unfortunately, if that person is not of sound mind or body (especially if they are in middle to late Alzheimer’s), then it is too late for them to prepare these important legal documents. However, if you go to court and ask the judge to name you the guardian (either full or financial conservatorship), then you will be held responsible for your elder’s legal and financial decisions.

Durable Power Of Attorney

A durable power of attorney names you as the person to pay the elder person’s bills, collect and deposit their income and take care of any other financial matters. You will need to find your elder’s legal and financial documents and feel comfortable with their assets, income and … Read More