Jason Richardson Dunk or How to Increase Vertical Jump

In case you haven’t heard yet – Jason Richardson is a Charlotte Bobcat now! On June 28, 2007, Richardson, along with the draft rights to Golden State’s 2007 Draft selection of forward Jermareo Davidson with the 36th pick, were traded to the Charlotte Bobcats for the draft rights to the eighth pick Brandan Wright.

But you probably know that J-Rich is one of two players – along with Michael Jordan – to have won two NBA Slam Dunk Contests. In the 2003 competition, Richardson mesmerized the basketball world with a successful backward, between-the-legs, one-handed dunk.

Actually, Jason Richardson’s improbable between-the-legs, behind-his-head dunk to clinch the 2003 Dunk Contest was voted the Best Dunk Contest Dunk by NBA.com users. With 94 percent of the fan-judges giving Richardson a perfect 10 for this flush, J-Rich beat out Michael Jordan, Vince Carter and others for the overall title.

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Nate Robinson Slam Dunk

By now, it may already be clear to everyone that Nate Robinson is a human spring. Currently he plays point guard for the New York Knicks and is known for his dazzling slashing ability and rim rattling dunks. Standing only a 5 foot 7 inches tall, so how does Nate Robinson slam dunk?

In the 2006 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, he dunked over former champion Spud Webb, and repeated that feat by slam dunking over Dwight Howard in the 2009 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. He won the slam dunk title in both years. Moreover, blocking a shot against the 7 foot 6 inches tall Yao Ming was an amazing feat.

The Nate Robinson dunk simply means having a vertical leap of 45 inches! His slam dunk exercises include 4-days a week and one hour a day program.

Day One (One hour)

  • Jumping rope for 400 to 800 jumps
  • Sprint and
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Nate Robinson Dunk Or How To Increase Vertical Jump

You may know the small Boston Celtics guard Nate Robinson as the human spring. In fact, the 5’7″ guard won the NBA slam dunk contest in 2006 against top dunkers like Josh Smith and Andre Igoudala. In his most memorable dunk of the night, he jumped over 1986 champion Spud Webb, and received a perfect 50-point score for the dunk. He also won the contest in 2009 – against Dwight Howard – and this year (2010) to become the first three-time NBA Slam Dunk champion!

Nate’s monster-block against the 7’6″ Center Yao Ming is a YouTube-classic already. So, it’s obvious the guy got some hoops. Actually he has a vertical leap of 43.5 inches!

“First time I touched a backboard, I was 12. I touched the rim when I was 13, and when I was 14, I finally could dunk.” – Nate Robinson

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