Tend Raises Another $37M to Expand its Trendy Dental Studios and Move into DTC

As a patient in the healthcare system, you’re the customer but more often than not, it does not feel like. Tend is the modern dental studio that brings a customer-centric experience to dentistry, borrowing practices from the hospitality industry. Whether it’s in-person or through a virtual consultation, Tend places an emphasis on reducing the anxiety associated with a visit to the dentist. For example, patients can drift into their favorite Netflix show while undergoing treatments. In addition to routine cleanings, Tend offers teeth whitening, braces, root canals, veneers, and more. Next year, the company, still less than a year old, plans to expand into direct-to-consumer oral health products for its customers.

AlleyWatch caught up with CEO Doug Hudson to learn more about the experience of building Tend 150-person team, the company’s geographic expansion plans, and most recent round of funding, which brings the total funding raised to $73M.

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