Sinus Drainage – Dealing With Drainage That Does Not Go Away From a Totally Different Angle

The fight appeared to be a losing battle with sinus drainage, mucus, pressure. As a child, before modern allergy testing was a common medical test, I remember blowing my nose almost constantly at certain times of the year. Although green mucus was not a problem, as I grew up things didn’t get much better. But one day I came to the realization that I did not have to spend the rest of my life wearing out handkerchiefs. So I began to be open to ideas.

We were living at the time in California and a friend of mine, noticing my sinus misery, asked me if I had gone to see a chiropractor about my sinus problems, I said no. Then he told me about this story about how chiropractic had helped him solve some other health issues he had. Frankly, what I had heard about chiropractic had not been the … Read More