Shaolin Kung Fu Secret Fighting Exercises: Golden Dragon Hand!

The Shaolin Temple’s 72 Secret And Consummate Arts, also known as ‘Kungs’ or Fighting Exercises’, involve extreme training but can produce astonishing results. Golden Dragon Hand, an external power-training and palm-conditioning fighting exercise, is described. Practical details of training intensity and duration and of the simple basic, but very effective, traditional training-aids used are also given.

Golden Dragon Hand, one of the ’72 Secret Arts,’ has blocking and counter-attacking applications, augmenting defence, rather than being for outright attacking purposes.The Shaolin Temple’s Secret Arts, also known as ‘Kungs’ or ‘Fighting Exercises’, involve tremendous extremes of training but can produce astonishing results.

Actually, there are more than 72 Shaolin Temple Secret Arts-various authorities have produced different, equally authentic lists, although with much in common. Yang/Yin, Gang/Rou and Internal/External are descriptors used to Classify these Fighting Exercises or ‘Kungs’

‘Kungs’ involve mostly either Soft ‘Yin Rou Energy’ Training, (mainly Internal) or Hard ‘Yang … Read More