Mental health professionals warn about “doom scrolling”

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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Between the election, pandemic and nationwide protests, your social media timelines — are probably pretty negative. Yet, doctors say so many of us just can’t stop scrolling.

Mental health professionals call the trend “doom scrolling.”

They say it’s very similar to an addiction — your body releases dopamine as you scroll.
But, eventually you need more and more scrolling time to get the same dopamine boost.

That can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression and anger.

Dr. Suhayl Nasr says a common tool used to curb compulsive behavior is to set a timer.

“Realize that these media, these social media, are making money out of us,” Dr. Nasr says. “That’s their business, to make money. So if you think about it, whenever you’re scrolling, do I really want to

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