Fit for Reading – The Cause of English Dominance

Little doubt, English is the single dominant global and scientific language in the world today. Mainstream opinions attribute its rise to political, economic, technological and cultural causes, through the influences of the British empire and the USA.

However, from the standpoint of our previous papers, our argument is straightforward: legibility [1] is the cause. The evolutionary account was addressed in my paper “visual evolution of written language towards Latin alphabet – a hypothesis”. Writing’s effects on the world were discussed in “effects of written language on the non-textual world” [2]. We now explicitly discuss this topic is to correct the misconceptions and affirm our argument which can be used to explain the history and present societies, and to predict the future.

1. “Being fit for reading” is the cause

We should treat writing as a tool, just like other tools, such as a pen. One pen is better than another … Read More