Health Care For Your Pet Dog

Are you preparing to bring a dog into your life? If you are, one of your biggest dog care considerations and responsibilities will undoubtedly be your new pet’s health. So what does optimum dog health entail? What can you do to ensure that your dog remains happy and healthy for as long as possible? How do you find the right vet for your dog? Hopefully this basic pet dog health care primer will get you started on the road to keeping your best friend by your side for years to come.

Your dog’s optimum health begins at home with quality food, plenty of exercise, and love. You need to tailor your dog’s diet to its specific needs. For instance, is your dog a puppy? Puppies have very specific nutritional needs to support them as they grow, so be sure that you’re feeding your puppy a dry puppy food formulated especially … Read More

Keep Your Dog Healthy With Routine Health Care

As a dog owner you are responsible to keep your dog healthy with routine health care. This involves so much more that just regular feeding and exercise. Much of a dog’s care can depend on its age and general health. It can also be driven by your work or social schedule. Regardless, you should keep the following in mind to help

ensure that your dog lives a happy, healthy and long life. So, in no particular order:

  • Be watchful– Dog are actually great communicators, if you pay attention. This is true from “puppyhood” through to their elder years.
    You will come to know their demeanor at various times of the day. Changes in this can be signaling a change in health. Watch for reduced energy, a lackluster coat, excessive weight gain or loss, unusual growths, restlessness/anxiety or even the loss of the usual spark in the eye. If you
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Canine Dental Care: Make Dog Tooth Cleaning Part of Your Regular Routine

We brush our own teeth daily, but sometimes we forget our dogs need regular tooth cleaning too. Just like humans, poor dental hygiene can lead to health problems and tooth decay in our furry friends.

According to research, by the time your dog is three years old there is already an 80% chance that he already has some gum problems due to plaque and tartar buildup. Typical signs are redness or bleeding gums, bad breath, and loose teeth. Even annual or semi-annual professional cleanings at your vet’s office may not be enough to prevent tooth problems in your dog. Regular tooth cleaning at home needs to be part of your dog’s grooming program. (It’s not as hard as you think, honestly!)

Dog Tooth Cleaning at Home

You can prevent some gum or tooth problems by regularly brushing your dog’s teeth at home. Dog toothpaste comes in great flavors like beef … Read More