Rpharmy Announces Rhazdrugs, Digital Reference of Hazardous Drug Handling, Disposal Requirements for Healthcare Facilities

By Integrating Critical Information at Point of Care, Rhazdrugs Improves Frontline Healthcare Staff Safety, Raises Bar for USP 800 Compliance

Rpharmy, a leading provider of medical formulary management and hazardous drug safety information software solutions, raises the bar in USP 800 compliance with Rhazdrugs, a searchable hazardous drugs database accessible at the point of care improving visibility, frontline healthcare staff safety, and compliance with regulations including USP 800.

“Typically, nurses, doctors and healthcare staff access USP 800 hazardous drugs handling and disposal requirements through hard and digital copies of the drug information provided by their pharmacy director, risk compliance department, and other stakeholders. These copies are kept on an intranet, multiple spreadsheets and documents as well as binders with printed information and require extra effort on the part of healthcare providers to ensure their own safety. While this method meets baseline USP 800 compliance, it is a tedious practice that

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Medicine Disposal

Have you ever been toodling along, singing a song, minding your own business, being green, and then having your bubble burst with the realization that you’ve been violating the earth unintentionally with a thoughtless act? Yeah, me too. Disposing of expired and unnecessary medicines was such a wake-up call for me.

Part of my problem is that I don’t take meds very often so it just doesn’t occur to me that they age and expire, and that I then need to “throw them away”. And in the rare case that I did throw something away it didn’t occur to me that it would be a problem for the planet, or my health.

My Bigger Half suffers migraines so has a bevy of medicines to help him cope with them. His meds do expire or become redundant and need to be disposed of. He has taught me to just flush them … Read More