Scientists discover new method to retrieve lost single-cell RNA-sequencing information

Sequencing RNA from individual cells can reveal a great deal of information about what those cells are doing in the body. MIT researchers have now greatly boosted the amount of information gleaned from each of those cells, by modifying the commonly used Seq-Well technique.

With their new approach, the MIT team could extract 10 times as much information from each cell in a sample.

This increase should enable scientists to learn much more about the genes that are expressed in each cell, and help them to discover subtle but critical differences between healthy and dysfunctional cells.

It’s become clear that these technologies have transformative potential for understanding complex biological systems. If we look across a range of different datasets, we can really understand the landscape of health and disease, and that can give us information as to what therapeutic strategies we

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Discover the Secrets Behind This Proven 1000 Year Old Bell’s Palsy Treatment

Although Bell’s palsy (which leaves the sufferer with partial paralysis on one side of their face), may sound frightening and cause discomfort and stigma, it can be treated in almost all cases. I want to share with you a 100% natural Bell’s Palsy Treatment that frequently results in improvement within a few weeks, or at most, a few months.

The exact cause of Bell’s palsy is unknown and its symptoms are many-headaches, dizziness, dry eyes or mouth, pain in the ear or face and numbness on the affected side and more.

Much debate surrounds which Bell’s palsy treatment is best. Many in the medical profession recommend conventional medicine, which includes tablets to control your viral infection and steroids for reducing inflammation. However, western doctors are restocking their medicine cabinets with natural ingredients and advocate settling for natural immune support that includes herbal remedies.

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5 Things, A Professional Oral Exam, Might Discover

When most people, think about their personal health, and well – being, they often, fail to consider, the significance, importance, and, often, the urgency of paying keen attention, to their oral health, and hygiene. For most individuals, this should include, not only, daily brushing, flossing, and reducing sugary foods, etc, but visiting their dentist, on a recommended, six – months, basis. In many cases, one’s dentist, is responsible, for identifying many diseases, ailments, conditions, and/ or, pre – conditions, because so many situations, begin, obvious, first, within the mouth, and oral cavity. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 things, regularly performed, professional oral exams, might discover.

1. Many diseases start in mouth and oral cavity: As part of one’s visit to their dentist, a full, oral examination is performed, This, not only, examines teeth, and gums, but, looks for suspicious … Read More