5 reasons why employee discounts make a difference to your employees

Many businesses may shy away from offering any type of employee discounts package to their employees, for the most part, they are afraid the costs spent won’t justify the investment at hand. But it is critical to note that employee discounts and benefits are so much more than just “perks” and add-ons for employees. When done comprehensively and correctly, they become a critical factor when building an ongoing workplace culture with measurable positive outcomes for employers and employees alike. Keeping your employees happy can have a plethora of positive consequences for your company: employee engagement, increased productivity, less absenteeism and reduced staff turnover to name a few. When employees feel looked after, cared for and that their wellbeing is taken into account, they generally work and respond in a more betrothed manner.

An employee discounts scheme can be a winner solution to achieve this. According to CIPD, employee benefits offer

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