Health officials scramble to explain details of Trump’s $200 drug discount card

The official, one of several who briefed the media on the condition of anonymity, offered only one new detail: Some of the cards will go out before the election, while others will not arrive until after voters choose between Trump and his Democratic rival, former vice president Joe Biden.

With that showdown looming, Democrats blasted the administration for proposing to take $6.6 billion from Medicare and spend it on a one-time break for older Americans, a critical voting bloc for both candidates.

They criticized Trump for suggesting he would pay for the move with savings from a separate program that has yet to begin. Under that initiative, Trump wants to tie the price of some drugs covered by Medicare to lower prices available in some other countries with governments that have the authority to negotiate prices with pharmaceutical companies.

“After failing to take real action to lower seniors’ prescription drug

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Five Quality Tests To Apply Before You Buy Discount Kitchen Cabinets

Before you buy discount kitchen cabinets, there are some quality tests you should make. There are cabinet dealers who offer lower quality cabinets under the “discount” designation. But if you look around and shop carefully, you can find one of the dealers who offer high-quality cabinets at discount prices. Cabinets really are not the place to sacrifice quality in the name of savings when remodeling a kitchen.

If you will spend some time looking at sample cabinets and asking key questions before you decide where to buy, you will be able to ensure buying high-quality cabinets (where only the price is lower) instead of cheap low-quality cabinets.

Here are the five things you should look for:

  1. Look at how the drawers are made. High-quality cabinet construction does not include staples or nails to hold drawers together. They are not just glued together, either. Good construction will make drawers with dove
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Dental Discount Plans: Is AmeriPlan A Legit Alternative to Dental and Health Care Coverage?

Before my career shift to online marketing, I was laid off from my job with an Internet start-up company and found myself with no health insurance and no dental coverage. The irony to this is I had neglected a tooth that had been bothering me for quite awhile when I actually did have dental coverage. So while I had insurance, I simply didn’t use it because… well, I absolutely hate going to the dentist! I also wasn’t going in for my regular cleanings and checkups.

As (un)luck may have it, once I was without dental insurance for the first time in years, the intensity and frequency of the toothaches picked up. I would often find myself awake at night sometimes to the point of tears. I was even fighting with my wife since planned date nights and socializing typically turned into me being agitated and crabby because of the pain. … Read More

These Discount Dental Services Can Save You a Bunch of Money

Are you wondering what type of discount dental services do discount dental plans offer you? It is amazing how such an affordable dental plan can cover so many procedures.

You may have felt in the past that getting discount dental work was just a thought and was not possible. Well this article will help realize that dental discount plans can make affordable dental procedures a reality in your life.

Let’s take a look at just some of these procedures so you can see the significant savings available to you.

I’m going to pick out one dental plan from a list of many so you can see exactly what some of the reductions are available to you.

As you sit in the dentist chair of course you will be asked what brought you to the dentist office. Usually before the dentist will take a look around your mouth a set x-rays … Read More