General Prep Phase Workouts For Shot and Disc Throwers

In this article I want to cover a couple of the workouts we do with our crew during the general preparation phase of training. These workouts are great to get the athletes working and back into shape. They come from various sources and are always evolving, feel free to take them and put your own spin on them.

A couple of years ago Romona Pagel gave a great presentation at the NTCA Convention. She really has some great training ideas. One of the workouts I took away from that session with her, I now call the Pagel Circuit. The Pagel Circuit consists of all bodyweight exercises, so there is no need for specialized equipment or a lot of space. Athletes complete 10 reps of each exercise with no rest between exercises. We complete the exercises in this order:



-Jump Squats

-Push Ups

-Split Squat Jump

-Lateral Jump

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