Fabrication and the Developmentally Disabled

Fabrication is defined as a person making a deliberately false and improbable account of situation. Almost every adult in the world will say lying is wrong and inappropriate. Moreover, the same adults will tell children that they will be punished for lying. However, when it comes to protecting someone’s feelings, evading trouble or using imagination, some people can find themselves lying unconsciously. Whether male or female, occasional lying can be considered harmless depending on the situation. Due to the fact that it is a human trait and primarily used to influence the way a person is viewed by others, fabricating stories are very common in today’s society. Fabrication is deceptive but not always meant to hurt other people. Specifically, when a person fabricates they are protecting themselves from any consequences or embarrassment from telling the truth. A person may fabricate a story to avoid looking irresponsible, avoid conflict, to shift … Read More