Getting Through 2020, The Most Difficult Year of Our LIves

I always wanted to be among the best in my field, and that desire has made coping in COVID country much more complicated. With many events for 2021 already canceled and big business telling team members that they can work at home from now on, the winds of change are going to be with us for a long time, but it is not all bad.

Pretty much most of us will have to retrench, re-budget, rethink, and remind ourselves that though this won’t go on forever, some of these adjustments will be permanent. The desire for social distancing will not go away anytime soon, for example. Many people have become germophobes and with good reason. What’s happening now may continue to dictate what we do with our lives and how to get there.

I’ve reinvented myself several times, and although I had other plans, I guess it’s time for another

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Stop Calling Your ‘Difficult’ Patients ‘Borderline’

When I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD), years of my pain, abandonment reactions and emotion dysregulation finally made sense. Understanding my condition served as a significant tool for my treatment and progress. I was better equipped to identify my triggers, plan and cope ahead and understand underlying mechanisms and precipitants. For once, I did not feel alone. I felt validated, heard and understood.

a woman wearing a blue shirt: Woman looking up and off camera

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Woman looking up and off camera

Unfortunately, numerous studies show many people who have BPD are initially misdiagnosed. For example, one showed 40% of people with BPD in the sample were misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder type II. An inaccurate or partial diagnosis can be harmful because treatment may not focus on the symptoms as a whole and their pattern.

With a diagnosis of clinical depression alone, my extreme abandonment preoccupations, frequent self-injury, changeable and reactive moods, and paranoid ideation were often overlooked.

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