‘Tsunami of tooth decay’ caused by lockdown diets and missed dentist appointments

Dentists are concerned they will face a “tsunami” of untreated tooth decay as people have been kept away from dental surgeries during lockdown.

According to an Opinium survey for the Association of Dental Groups (ADG), which represents practices across the country, half of UK parents said their children had missed a check-up since March, while nearly half of all adults have missed appointments.

31 per cent said their family had decided not to go for a check-up or make an appointment, while 13 per cent claimed they had not been able to get one, due to increasing delays caused by the pandemic.

Dental practices closed to all non-emergency patients during the early stages of the pandemic, but re-opened from 8 June with strictly limited capacity.

Stringent rules

While most dental practices are now open for face-to-face care, Covid-19 restrictions mean dentists in England

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Diets and Their Issues

What does the word diet mean? According to the oxford dictionary the word diet means the kind of food people eat. This can clearly be the case because according to the company Boots there are over 100 many types of diets, from the alkaline diet, to the zone diet. There are a vast majority of them, with their benefits and their downfalls. However are these diets successful? Are they long term? Do we lose weight on them?

As we all approach the festive season, and the New Year, people at this time are looking at what foods they want to cut down on, or what new fad diet they would like to try. But overall will these work in the long term?

According to the magazine psychology today, researchers tested this methodology on various clients, it was found that there were other aspects to health, not just dieting, and weight … Read More

The South Beach and Vatan Diets

The South Beach, or Vatan diets, were originally developed in the 1990s by many cardiologists. It was originally developed to prevent heart disease and other cardiovascular symptoms. Over time, it had some astonishing effects. People starting to notice that the use of low calorie intake would benefit them for weight loss. With this in mind, the South Beach diet became one of the most popular weight loss diets in the world.

Most diets require the patient to eat a lot less than they normally eat. It also prevents them from eating the foods they love. They are stuck ingesting fruits and vegetables all day and never get full doing so. However, the South Beach diet does the opposite. It encourages eating three meals a day, so long as you do not over do your calorie intake. In other words, you need to burn more calories than what you take in. … Read More