Saudi Human Rights Commission detects issues in mental health care services

Abu Dhabi: The Saudi Human Rights Commission has monitored a number of observations during its inspection teams’ visits to the various mental health complexes across the kingdom, which included discrepancy in the general condition of buildings, inadequate level of hygiene and maintenance in some of them, and shortage in equipment and specialised medical professionals.

The Saudi watchdog also reviewed the services provided to home care to the beneficiaries, and the number of inpatients and the estimated capacity of complexes, application of diets, and the appropriateness of the meals provided.

The watchdog said it will work with the relevant authorities to address the shortcomings.

Today, most patients with serious mental health problems in Saudi Arabia are treated in psychiatric hospitals that provide in-patient and outpatient services, according to a study by Open Journal psychiatry, published in 2014.

The study says patients with chronic mental disorder continue to be hospitalised for pro-longed

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