On World Mental Health Day, here’s how to stay positive and de-stress

Fifty-seven years ago, way before cell phones, chats and social media, Harvey Ross Ball an American commercial artist was paid a fee of 45 USD (approximately ₹215 at the time) to design a graphic image in order to improve employee morale at the State Mutual Life Assurance Company. 


The smiley face is a symbol of happiness

Eight years later, a French entrepreneurial journalist by the name of Franklin Loufrani designed and trademarked a similar symbol – it was a perfect circle, bright sunny yellow in colour with small oval eyes, now known as the “Smiley face,” and presently, a 500-million-dollar business.

Be positive not D-positive


Happiness begins with an attitude of optimism and positivity

Some time ago, cardiologists started noticing that people with a personality type that they called “D” personality or ‘distressed personality’ tended to get angry more often, and were more negative than others. They did not enjoy

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