Professional-Grade Air Purifier Engineered for Businesses and Designed to Fit Homes

According to a recent Molekule study which polled 1,000 American consumers, pollution and airborne viruses are leading drivers affecting how consumers are considering re-entering spaces during COVID-19. Survey results showed that 77% of travelers said that air purifiers are an essential part of a hotel room. What’s more, when it comes to America’s commercial reopening, 73% of Americans said they would feel more comfortable eating indoors at a restaurant that has multiple air purifiers on site.

Molekule air purification solutions are designed and built to help address these issues. In independent, third-party testing, Air Pro demonstrated greater than 4-log, or 99.99% reduction, of aerosolized RNA virus MS2 in 30 minutes in a standard room-size chamber after a single injection of the virus.

Additional testing on airborne chemicals called VOCs showed Air Pro’s ability to reduce concentrations of common household VOCs below detectable levels within a matter of hours, based on

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