Trump, DeSantis put politics over Floridians’ health. Fools cheered, but COVID kills

Welcome to the Trump-DeSantis horror show in Central Florida.

It can make you sick and kill you, but Floriduh dunces love these COVID deniers.

Supporters see President Trump’s narcissism and couldn’t-care-less attitude as a sign of strength.

They see the governor’s reckless behavior — mingling with crowds without wearing a mask, high-fiving people, then wiping his nose in the middle of a pandemic — as anything but what it is, dangerous.

It’s gross, and grotesque, too.

Beware South Florida: The potentially super-spreading Trump rally is moving on to Miami.

On Thursday, Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are expected to descend on the COVID hotspot armed with smoke and mirrors to create the illusion that coronavirus doesn’t matter.

Rallies are the last thing we need after Gov. Ron DeSantis prematurely opened the state to high-capacity crowds and took the teeth out of local mask ordinances.

Trump rallies could be

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