Should You Be Embarrassed About Having Dentures?

When I was nine years old my two front teeth were accidentally broken so I had to have a partial denture made to duplicate my missing teeth and to fill the gap right in the center of my mouth when I smiled. I have worn a denture ever since that happened. In fact, from that time on, I was very much aware of having those two “false teeth” in my mouth, and I thought they were obvious to all of my friends. But, actually, nobody ever commented or said any thing about my missing teeth or my denture, so I don’t know it they noticed them or were just being polite. I do know I was always embarrassed because I had to wear that denture everywhere I went.

A few years ago, all of my upper teeth were so badly decayed that I had to have them pulled out. The … Read More

Refresh Your Speech After Dentures

Do you hate not being able to speak clearly, especially words with /s/, /sh/, /f/, /t/, /th/, and more sounds, because of your dentures? Are you self-conscious about speaking in public now with your dentures?

These are common challenges that many denture wearers have overcome by following some key advice from denture professionals and speech coaches.

With time, patience, and exercises, you can refresh your speech sound.

Time: First, you need time to adjust from your teeth extraction for your swelling to lessen, your gums to recede, and your pain to reduce from the ongoing adjustments of fitting your dentures satisfactorily. Always check with your dentist or health professional for support until you are satisfied.

Patience: Your mouth muscles help you to chew and to speak, so your second shock comes when you realize how difficult it is to chew. Your jaw, tongue, lips, and teeth need to be … Read More

3 Top Reasons Why Dentures Are Preferred by Many Dentists

A dentist is someone who is qualified to take care of all aspects of your oral health. Do you have a family dentist or a regular dentist you visit when you have a toothache? Do you trust the solutions they provide? Are you comfortable talking to them about your dental problems? Your dentist or family doctor should be someone you can approach and tell them about the challenges you are facing. When a problem is discovered, it the dentist’s responsibility to come up with a permanent solution. You shouldn’t accept every solution that comes your way. Some solutions are temporary. Temporary solutions will force you to keep going back to the dentist from time to time. Dentures are one of the solutions a dentist can administer to you. They are preferred by many dentists for a number of reasons.

  1. Level of confidence

Confidence is something that can change how you … Read More