Social responsibility: Dentistry’s costly omission

Social responsibility is simply not a core value in dentistry. Social responsibility is not central to its existence. Social responsibility is not part of its daily conversations or cultural interactions. This is verified by a lack of capital investment, accountability, people, plans, goals, and metrics for expressing greater social responsibility.

Marc Cooper, DDS, MSD

Marc Cooper, DDS, MSD.

None of the core values of the dental entities I know include a legitimate core value that expresses social responsibility. Without social responsibility as a core of their design, what is the driving design principle of the dental industry and dental practice? The answer is obvious.

Dental practice, and the dental industry, are designed for the dentists’ financial success by delivering high-quality dental care to patients who can pay for it, directly or indirectly (third-party or state).

The design is for dentists to succeed in their financial accomplishments. The design occurs up and down the line,

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