Over half of those with COVID-19 on mental health wards also had dementia

Credit: CC0 Public Domain

New research published October 5 in the scientific journal The Lancet Psychiatry reports that over half of those who contracted COVID-19 on mental health wards also had dementia.

It is the first study to look at the effect of COVID-19 on those with dementia during the height of the pandemic in London. The researchers led by Prof Livingston at University College London found:

  • Of those with COVID-19 in mental health wards over half (56%) had dementia
  • Those on mental health wards received resources later than those admitted locally
  • Wards (on average) received COVID-19 testing kits four and a half days after the first clinical COVID-19 presentation.

Researchers collected information from five London mental health NHS trusts in spring 2020 (1st March to 30th April).

They then calculated the total number of COVID-19 and analyzed patients’ symptoms, treatments, and outcomes.

They found those in mental health wards

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