Decluttering Blueprint – Step 6 – Easy, Green, DIY Ways to Organize & Update Your Bath

If your bathroom is cluttered with several family members cosmetics, half filled bottles, and grooming tools-it’s time to clear it out, clean it up and convert it to a space that is fresh, green and rejuvenating!

First, empty the room and edit all of your belongings. That means you’ll need to sort like things together and let go of duplicates, products no one uses, and expired medicines and make-up. Be determined to eliminate everything but the items you’ll actually use.

Before you cart all the things you need to keep back into your space, give it a facelift. You can create a bath that is healthy, functional, and pleasing with color, smart storage, and easy to clean surfaces. Start at the top and work your way down to ground level.

  1. Ceiling – While you might not spend much time looking at your ceiling, don’t pass it over.
  • Paint – If
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