Improved decision-making skills vital to avoid spread of COVID-19 in health care facilities

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain

New research from Halmstad University, Sweden, investigates the prevention of health care associated infections and gives a clue on how to avoid the spread of for instance COVID-19 in hospital settings. Ph.D.-student Luís Fernando Irgang dos Santos points out health care-professionals’ decision-making skills as key to limiting infection outbreaks.

Health care associated infections—infections that patients acquire while receiving health care for other conditions—affect millions of patients world-wide and cause hundreds of thousands of deaths each year.

“Health care associated infections, for instance hospital spread of COVID-19, are a big issue, especially in developing countries such as my home country Brazil. When comparing developing countries with developed ones, such as Sweden, I have found several differences in how infections are detected and handled in health care environments. There are discrepancies in management and implementation of procedures and guidelines as well as in practice” says Luís Fernando Irgang

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