TikTok dentist debunks common toothpaste mistake

Dr. Gao Jye Teh is a dentist based in Malaysia who, like many professionals over the course of quarantine, decided to join TikTok to spread dental awareness in easy, 60-second videos.

He only joined the platform in September, but one of Dr. Gao’s videos on toothpaste has gone viral already — clocking in at over 6 million views.

“Are you using the right amount of toothpaste,” Dr. Gao asks in the caption. According to the comments (and this writer’s personal experience), the answer is no.

Dr. Gao explains in the video that the amount of toothpaste shown in commercials — you know, that perfect curly toothpaste swish — is way, way too much. You actually only need a dot the size of a pea.

For young kids, particularly those around the age of 3 years old, you only need a very thin smear.

“Nah if my gums ain’t bleeding and

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