Millennium Health Identifies National Fentanyl Analog Positivity Which May Increase Risk of Overdose Death

SAN DIEGO, Calif., Oct. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — A study conducted by Millennium Health and published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence highlights the role real-time urine drug test results can play in identifying dangerous drug abuse trends including fentanyl analog positivity nationwide. Up to 10,000-fold more potent that morphine,1 fentanyl analogs can pose a serious risk for overdose. Synthetic opioids, including illicit fentanyl and its analogs, contribute to over 40% of all drug overdose deaths.2

The study was conducted to provide timely information regarding fentanyl analog positivity and geographic distribution that can be critical in reducing harm and saving lives. The analysis included 300,000 urine specimens collected between July 15, 2019 and March 12, 2020 from health care practices in all 50 states. The results included:

  • In the population of patients testing positive for fentanyl without a fentanyl prescription, the fentanyl analog positivity rate was 40.55% with
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Overnight Health Care: NYC reports uptick in COVID-19 cases as schools try to reopen | Global coronavirus death toll passes 1 million

Welcome to Tuesday’s Overnight Health Care, where we are awaiting the health care questions at the first presidential debate tonight.

Andrew Cuomo, Bill de Blasio standing next to a man in a suit and tie: Overnight Health Care: NYC reports uptick in COVID-19 cases as schools try to reopen | Global coronavirus death toll passes 1 million | Pelosi cites 'positive' talk with White House on coronavirus aid

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Overnight Health Care: NYC reports uptick in COVID-19 cases as schools try to reopen | Global coronavirus death toll passes 1 million | Pelosi cites ‘positive’ talk with White House on coronavirus aid

Moderator Chris Wallace will ask about COVID-19 and the Supreme Court, so we expect questions about President Trump’s response to the pandemic and the looming oral arguments for a Trump-backed lawsuit that seeks to overturn the Affordable Care Act. Also, New York City is reporting an uptick in cases, and the global COVID-19 death toll has passed 1 million.

Let’s start with NYC…

New York City reports uptick in COVID-19 cases as schools try to reopen

New York City reported that its daily positivity rate of coronavirus tests surpassed 3 percent on Tuesday for

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Coronavirus updates: Metro Health reports one more coronavirus death

This article will be updated throughout the week with coronavirus case counts and other need-to-know information about the pandemic in San Antonio. 

September 26

One new death: The San Antonio Metropolitan Health District reported one death and 100 new cases of COVID-19 on Saturday. That pushes the death toll in Bexar County to 1,074 and the count

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Opinion | How RBG’s death could trigger a devastating blow to the U.S. health-care system

Congress also designed everything in the law to be inextricably linked, the plaintiffs argue, so if the individual mandate is gone, the rest of the law should fall, too.

Of course, just as it acted to zero out the mandate, Congress had the opportunity to destroy the rest of the law. Instead, lawmakers voted, many times, not to do so. For this and other reasons, even conservative legal scholars who oppose Obamacare have dismissed the case as baloney.

But lower courts agreed with the plaintiffs, and the question has reached the Supreme Court. A range of outcomes is possible, depending on whether President Trump gets another court pick confirmed in time, and whether justices vote as they have in prior challenges to the law.

Obamacare’s destruction, in whole or in part, could wreak havoc and financial ruin.

If the ACA were struck down, its protections for people with preexisting conditions

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What Justice Ginsburg’s Death Means for Health in America

In the midst of a pandemic and with the fate of the Affordable Care Act pending before the Supreme Court, attention should focus on what Justice Ginsburg’s replacement by someone who is likely to be very conservative will mean for health care. Justice Ginsburg was a strong voice and a consistent vote to provide the federal government the power to ensure health insurance for all and especially to protect women’s reproductive health.

The Supreme Court first assessed the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius (2012), a few months before the 2012 presidential election. One aspect of the ACA that was challenged was the so-called “individual mandate,” requiring individuals to purchase health insurance or pay a special tax. The requirement was designed to prevent a downward spiral on the health insurance market if only sick people were enrolled (thus raising the

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‘I broke my back, 4 ribs and lost half my face’ Betty Kyallo on near death experience

Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo has narrated how a near death experience toughened her up. This was after she recovered following a month and a half of hospitalization.

Betty then a 17 year old, got into a nasty accident that scarred her for life. Narrating her story the Churchill show, the mother of one said

‘When I was 17 and in form three I had a dental appointment and a date later, so I showered and off I went.

Kufika railways as I was crossing the road towards Afya Centre I was hit by a matatu.

It dragged me under it,My blouse got hooked so I was dragged for a few inches.

I could see the matatu inches away from crushing my face. It was a near death experience and it changed me.’

Betty says the accident was a major one

‘My lungs were crushed,four of my ribs were broken my face was

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Stephanie Grace: Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death could change everything, starting with health care | Columnist Stephanie Grace

At a recent televised town hall, President Donald Trump vowed — again — that he’s about to reveal his plan to protect people with preexisting conditions from losing their insurance or being priced out of the market.

“We’re going to be doing a health care plan very strongly and protect people with preexisting conditions,” he told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, claiming that his plan was not only in the works but ready to go.

I’ll believe that when I see it, which I’m quite sure I never will. Trump’s been offering up the same line for pretty much his entire term now and hasn’t delivered, and clearly isn’t about to.

The good news is that, ever since the late U.S. Sen. John McCain, of Arizona, gave his dramatic thumbs down to a weak replacement proposal (championed by Louisiana U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy, among others), it hasn’t mattered. Minus the financial penalties

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‘This is life or death’: Democrats make SCOTUS confirmation a referendum on health care

WASHINGTON — As they stare down the probable confirmation of a new conservative Supreme Court justice, Democrats are surging a new message to voters heading to the polls: a vote for Republicans is a vote against heath care.

The centerpiece of this message is a Supreme Court hearing on Nov. 10, just one week after the election, on the Affordable Care Act. The case brought by the Trump administration’s Department of Justice and 20-GOP led states hinges on whether the Obamacare mandate that Americans obtain health insurance is constitutional.

U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., predicted Tuesday that if a new justice is appointed before the election in time to hear the case, the ACA is as good as dismantled and warned the court might rehear the case to allow the participation of the new justice, if he or she is confirmed after the election. He spoke in apocalyptic terms about

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Liberia: Doctors Warn of High Death Rate Should Health Workers Strike Continue – Condemns Replacement of Striking Workers

Monrovia — The Liberia Medical and Dental Association (LMDA) has expressed concerns that if nothing is done to quickly resolve the standoff between the government and striking health workers, the country’s health sector would soon collapse and there would be a mounting death toll at hospitals and health centers.

The LMDA also condemned the government’s action to replace the striking health workers with new recruits, noting that such would only compound the existing problem.

The LMDA acts as the national representative body for the medical profession as well as promote health care delivery in Liberia.

The Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism in a press statement over the weekend disclosed that “The Ministry of Health has been instructed to solicit applications from qualified health workers of various grades, including nurses, nurse aides, midwives, laboratory technicians, etc. in order to fill the temporary vacancies that have resulted from the strike action.

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The Health 202: Obamacare’s chances of surviving Supreme Court diminished with RBG’s death

“It’s insane to me the validity of a law passed 10 years ago is in jeopardy because of the death of an 87-year-old woman,” Nick Bagley, a health law professor at the University of Michigan who closely tracks Affordable Care Act-related litigation, told me.

The ACA lawsuit will be front-and-center in the war over a new Supreme Court justice.

President Trump is expected to nominate a replacement for Ginsburg this week, kicking off a dramatic and intense battle over the future of the Supreme Court even as the Nov. 3 election draws near.

Ginsburg’s death has intensified Democrats’ focus on the high-profile case against Obamacare, brought by conservative states and supported by the Trump administration. Democrats won control of the House in 2018 partly by making the lawsuit a major theme, and this year they’ve been constantly reminding voters in ads and campaign speeches that the court could strike down

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