Sinus Drainage – Dealing With Drainage That Does Not Go Away From a Totally Different Angle

The fight appeared to be a losing battle with sinus drainage, mucus, pressure. As a child, before modern allergy testing was a common medical test, I remember blowing my nose almost constantly at certain times of the year. Although green mucus was not a problem, as I grew up things didn’t get much better. But one day I came to the realization that I did not have to spend the rest of my life wearing out handkerchiefs. So I began to be open to ideas.

We were living at the time in California and a friend of mine, noticing my sinus misery, asked me if I had gone to see a chiropractor about my sinus problems, I said no. Then he told me about this story about how chiropractic had helped him solve some other health issues he had. Frankly, what I had heard about chiropractic had not been the … Read More

Dealing With Low Back Pain And Acute Neck Pain

People all around the world experience pain once in their lives, some just suffer from acute pain while some chronic pain. Most health experts say that when such pain is becoming worse, it is a wise idea to consult a health professional.

Among the many health professionals you can consult is an osteopath. Most people today are not yet aware of what osteopathy is. This is a form of therapy that falls under the often contrasting cloaks of conventional medicine and alternative medicine. In fact, osteopathy is known be a hands-on medical treatment approach which is likewise regarded as a branch of western medicine.

This therapy is known to be one of the safe and lasting solutions for acute and chronic pain. But apart from that, it can also treat certain illnesses and injuries. Also, this can be a great solution for people suffering from abnormal body patterns, functional strains, … Read More

A Stress-Free Guide to Dealing With Your Child’s First Cavity

While many parents dream of their children growing to adulthood without a single cavity in sight, undergoing fillings at a young age is unfortunately common. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than half of children ages 5 to 9 have at least one cavity filling. With proper support from both the parents and the family dentist, a child’s first cavity filling experience can be comfortable as well as educational.

Symptoms of Cavities in Children

Usually, older children are quick to notify their parents of any dental pain; however, toddlers may have trouble communicating to parents about their specific ailments. Additionally, cavities don’t always cause pain, causing them to go undiagnosed until the child’s biannual visit. Some symptoms of tooth decay in children include:

• Chewing only on one side of the mouth

• Chalky white spots on the teeth or other discoloration

• For toddlers, excessive … Read More

Mind Body Connection – Dealing With Vertigo

Several years ago I suffered with bouts of vertigo. This out of balance disturbance was like spending the day literally on the tilt a whirl at a carnival, except the ride never stopped. The first time this happened to me I got out of bed and ran into the wall, the room and the floor were both spinning. I spent the rest of the day laying flat on my back afraid to move my head for fear this inside turbulence would begin again.

It took several tests and two doctors to determine that I had vertigo. In medical terms this is a condition that poses no real health threat and is unexplained. Unfortunately the medication did little for me except to make me drowsy and dizzy. Like many things in life I learned to compensate when vertigo struck, I did not move my head quickly, did not look up or … Read More