Dairy Products and Sinus Infections – Is the Connection a Myth?

Winters in Chicago are legendary-on the top of low temperatures you get freezing wind gusts and occasional slap in a face by a viscous snowstorm. So I was sure that my sinus infections were the outcome of living and working in the downtown of Windy City and maybe a little bit of bad luck or some strange genetic inclination to get sinus infection after every minor cold.

Doctors used to put me on different antibiotics, which constantly upset my stomach and made me feel even sicker and weaker. I felt miserable and seemed to have reached a dead end.

One day I’ve talked to my uncle, who is a scientist and researcher in Switzerland, and he told me my condition must have something to do with dairy products. It was more than a decade ago from now, so the idea that dairy products might cause sinus infection just blew my … Read More