‘My Dad Should Still Be Here’

courtesy Toni Cornell Toni Cornell

Toni Cornell — armed with a mission to end the stigma associated with addiction — is honoring her late father, rock star Chris Cornell.

On Friday ahead of World Mental Health Day, the 16-year-old and her brother Christopher launched an informative new podcast titled Stop the Stigma: Tackling the Stigma of Addiction Through Education. The series comes as part of their national advocacy campaign addressing the discrimination faced by individuals battling substance abuse. The podcast, which will explore how stigma is hampering efforts to combat addiction, is in partnership with the Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation along with the Addiction Policy Forum.

Chris Cornell, who first gained fame as the lead singer of Soundgarden and later as frontman for Audioslave, died in May 2017.

“Stigma has affected me,” Toni tells PEOPLE. “I continue to see personal attacks on my family for sharing the truth. The

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