Kokua Line: CVS Health assures Hawaii travelers pre-flight test registration will be online soon

Question: I have family on the North Shore that we were planning to visit soon, but it seems wise to put off the trip until after they sort out this pre-travel COVID-19 testing stuff so we don’t have to quarantine. I saw that CVS is a “trusted testing partner,” but when I checked with the CVS where I live (near Los Angeles), they didn’t know what I was talking about. The CVS website has information about COVID-19 testing for people with symptoms or a doctor’s order, but I couldn’t find anything about healthy people wanting to fly to Hawaii.

Answer: Numerous other readers, from Arizona, Florida, Washington and elsewhere in California, called or emailed with similar questions, so we contacted CVS Health’s corporate headquarters in Woonsocket, R.I., for more information. Here’s the response from spokeswoman Christine Cramer, who said CVS Health’s website will be updated soon so that prospective travelers

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