This Kitchen Staple Cures Your Cold Better Than Medicine, Study Says

Next time you find yourself reaching for something to subdue your sniffles, you might want to consider heading to the kitchen instead of your medicine cabinet. A recent study found that nature has a stronger solution for the common cold than anything you might find in a pharmacy. The new research, published in the journal BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine, found that honey can actually cure your cold better than medicine.

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Honey has been touted as a miracle elixir for colds and coughs for years, but this new meta-analysis, conducted by researchers at the University of Oxford, backs that notion by science. The researchers conducted a review of 14 previous studies that involved 1,761 individuals to find out whether or not honey is a worthwhile replacement for over-the-counter and prescription cold and cough medicine. And lo and behold, the researchers found that honey proved to be a

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Stuttering Therapies – Cures for Stuttering for Children

Children aged 5 and below all experience stuttering during this vital age of learning when they are still getting themselves familiar with words and their pronunciations. Thus, at a very young age, stuttering or the tendency of one to repeat words and mess up the flow of their sentences is considered pretty normal. However, once a person ages and he is still unable to rid of his tendency to stutter, he could already be showing signs of speech defect.

In the United States alone, roughly about 3 million Americans are diagnosed with the stuttering or stammering. That number does not even include those people who are not aware that they do have the tendency to stutter. Stuttering could severely limit a person’s ability to interact and connect to people. People who have suffered stuttering as adults have gone through difficult times. In order to avoid further difficulties, it is important … Read More