Palorin – Is it Really the New Wonder Cure For Bad Breathe Or Just All Hype?

For most of us, having bad breath is something we dread. We would hate to think that people did not want to get close to us because of it. And if you have chronic bad breath then you will really understand what I am saying. That is why many people now use Palorin. It seems to be the savior that chronic sufferers need.

I personally know this because I have tried so many other alternatives to alleviate my own bad breath problem. I started with just brushing my teeth constantly but we know this is just not achievable when you are at work. I also was chewing gum but again this is not always acceptable in the working environment that I am in. No body wants to be greeted by someone chewing like a cow. Mouthwash was also hard to use because I would have to find somewhere to spit … Read More

Radionic Treatments Cure Cancer

Dual Dimensions working Together.

We live in a world where Macro Systems and Micro Systems work together to keep stability and yet allow evolution. The Macro Systems of Circulation, Muscle etc, maintain a Homeostatic Stability where adjustments occur relatively slowly. Whereas, the Micro Systems of Cells and Biochemistry is dynamic and changing by the millisecond. The Macro aspect is designed to keep a relatively stable environment and function. The Micro Systems are where the minute biochemical interactions allow drastic adjustments to occur in our smaller systems. It is also where the little experimental biochemical combinations are given a ‘trial run’ to see how they fit in to the rest of the bodies biochemistry. This is how evolution keeps us ready for change, this is one of the roles of the Cancer Cell.

Evolution of Cancer.

Cancer Cells are an important part of the normal body function. Cancer Cells are made … Read More

The Cure For Toenail Fungus May Be In Your Medicine Cabinet

First reported by Dr. T H Oliver in 1920, ozone and oxidative therapies have been used extensively by doctors to treat a wide range of health problems, such as vascular disease, cancer, viral diseases, ulcers, inflammatory bowel diseases and spinal disc problems. Additionally, these treatments are effective therapies for contaminated wounds, burns and infections. The use of oxygen to heal is based on the idea that it breaks down and eliminates toxins from the body by “burning” them through the process of oxidation. In the process of ozone and oxidative therapies white blood cell production is also encouraged, there is an increased delivery of oxygen to the cells, red blood cell flexibility is expanded and metabolism is also stimulated. Because of its ability to kill bacteria and fungus, many cities purify their drinking water with ozone.

Ozone therapy can be received in one of several ways, including injection, inseffulation, ozone … Read More