Weekly Ponderings: People brought character and culture to Peace River (Part 8)

Over the past few launchings of Ponderings, we travelled the Peace River and worked the land in the Peace Country. The river and the land have defined this area – from their esthetics to their practicality, both of which history suggests were, and remain, drawing cards for those contemplating living in an environment beyond a big city, with many amenities those larger areas boast. The area attracted all manner of people – continues to do so to add to the already diverse population.

Dr. Leslie Robinson, a dentist, is one of those, who saw the advantages of living and practising in northern Alberta in the early years. The Peace River was his highway. A few years after his arrival in the Peace Country, he used it to outreach his dental practice in Fort Vermilion, initially at the behest of Dr. Harold A. Hamman, the physician for the First Nations people

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The Evolution of Bras in Pop Culture

It may seem like women have been wearing bras since the dawn of time, what with the added support they provide, but this isn’t true. Even though the first flax bra was discovered in a medieval castle more than 600 years ago, the first true bra as we know it was invented in 1859 by Henry Lesher but this was only a prototype and never took off.

The Early Bras

When 1930 rolled around, a woman named Mary Phelps Jacob created the first bra worn by women (Source: “The History of the Bra,” LulaLu Blog). In dressing for an evening event, she noticed her gown did not match in color or style with her corset, which was the customary undergarment at the time. Fashioning two silk handkerchiefs and pink ribbons for the shoulders, she unwittingly came up with the first bra. When all her female friends expressed their interest in … Read More