Watch live: Quantum computing, cryptography and healthcare headline Upgrade 2020 event

The technology world has a lengthy track record of game-changing innovations generated by research labs, ranging from transistors and hard drives to the graphical user interface, which made it possible for humans to interact with computers without having to write code.

The Japanese telecom company NTT Ltd. is now seeking to follow in those same footsteps with a research lab it opened in 2019 in Silicon Valley. The NTT Research lab aims to develop technologies for cryptographic and information security, quantum and neuro-science computing, and healthcare informatics. The company, which spends about $3.6 billion each year on R&D, is hosting its virtual Upgrade 2020 – The NTT Research Summit from September 28–October 1. In attendance will be prominent academics and scientists to see presentations on emerging new technologies.

“Emerging technologies have a way of looking futuristic, until they’re not,” said Kazuhiro Gomi, president and chief executive officer of

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NTT Research spotlights quantum computing, cryptography and healthcare at Upgrade 2020

There is a simple reason why companies will spend a projected $2.4 trillion globally on research and development in 2020: It gets results.

In the technology world, the transistor, hard drive and graphical user interface all sprang from research labs, to name just a few key innovations. Now, Japanese telecommunications giant NTT Ltd. is seeking to pioneer innovation through its own research lab based in the United States.

The lab — NTT Research — opened in 2019 and is focused on developing breakthrough technologies in the areas of quantum and neuro-science computing, cryptographic and information security, and healthcare informatics. NTT spends approximately $3.6 billion annually on research and development, and the company will bring together prominent academics and scientists as part of the virtual Upgrade 2020 – The NTT Research Summit, September 28–October 1. The event will offer presentations on a number of emerging new technologies that could

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