Secret Fighting Exercises of The Shaolin Temple: Crouching Tiger – Jumping Centipede!

The Shaolin Temple’s 72 Secret And Consummate Arts, also known as ‘Kungs’ or Fighting Exercises’, involve extreme training but can produce remarkable results. The two following, detailed inter-related examples show how achievements in certain ‘Kungs’ may, in some cases, considerably advance progress in others.


There are actually a lot more than 72 Shaolin Temple Secret Arts. Various authorities have produced different equally authentic lists, although these have much in common. Yang/Yin, Gang/Rou and Internal/External are descriptors used to Classify these Fighting Exercises or ‘Kungs’

‘Kungs’ involve mostly either Soft ‘Yin Rou Energy’ Training, (mainly Internal) or Hard ‘Yang Gang Power’ Training (mainly External) although a few involve both. In the following cases both Fighting Exercises involve Hard ‘Yang Gang External Power Training’.

Shaolin Secret Fighting Exercises: Crouching Tiger

Technical Analysis

Mastery of this Fighting Exercise greatly enhances the power of the fingers and toes when used in combat.

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