Want Crossfit Equipment? Find Everything Needed For a Crossfit Gym

Ever think about getting Crossfit certified and starting your own facility?  Or maybe someone has just told you about it and got you thinking of doing it on your own to see how it is.  Probably one of the first questions you are going to ask yourself is what kind of Crossfit equipment will I need.

Well you can put away your elliptical and your pec deck.  Crossfit equipment is much simpler and usually less expensive.  Since Crossfit incorporates functional movements that us as humans do on a regular basis it makes sense to keep it simple.  Most of the equipment that you see in crossfit gym looks like stuff straight out of your elementary school gymnasium. 

In my opinion the three main exercises that are most common in your “WOD’s” (workouts of the Day) are pushups, pullups, and squats.  For pushups, situps and other on floor exercises it is … Read More

Core Fitness With Crossfit Wall Balls

One of the popular exercises used in Crossfit(r) is ‘Wall Balls’. Wall Balls are both very simple and crazy hard. Wall Balls are a full body weight bearing exercise and are great for rapidly strengthening the core muscles of the abdomen and lower back while improving overall conditioning. They are also plyometric (more on that later). While no doubt previously done informally by many, Crossfit seems the first to have formalized it as an exercise sequence.

In sports such as basketball or lacrosse wall balls are traditionally a series of drills done against a wall. Here they are done with a definite Crossfit burnout (metabolic overload) twist. The Crossfit idea of a Wall Ball is to throw a medicine ball upwards against a wall, catch it in a squat position and then explosively spring back out of the squat throwing the ball back up. Then squat catch, spring up and … Read More