Cremone Bolts And Their Uses

You may not be familiar with Cremone Bolts, also known as cremone locks, but they are a common form of antique hardware used on windows and doors. If you have a vintage home, apartment building, office building or a public building, you will want to become familiar with Cremone Bolts in order to preserve the vintage look of your period building.

What Happens Behind The Scenes

Cremone Bolts are a decorative type of locking mechanism used close a window that swings out or even French doors. The cremone lock is the type of lock that has a handle or a knob that you turn in order to unlatch the window or open the door. There is an outer covering to the cremone lock in order to hide its workings from view. Inside the cover of the cremone bolt set is a gear system that slides up and down when the … Read More