The Internet of Things Health Care Coup

When I was 5, I took the crayon and jammed it up my nose. And as hard as I tried, I couldn’t get it out.

Finally, when it started to hurt and it was clear I had done something serious… I went to my mother.

My mother, after trying to get the crayon out herself, rushed me to the doctor.

This was the early 1970s Mumbai in India, and doctors at that time had little technology available to them.

Most of the time when you went to the doctor, he’d use a stethoscope, look you over and say a few words. And if all was OK, you’d be dismissed and told to come back in a year.

The doctor tried to get the crayon out, but it was stuck. Now it was getting serious…

Thankfully, my doctor persisted… and using tweezers or something like it… he eventually got the crayon … Read More