Why My Dentist Couldn’t Get Me Numb

There may actually be quite a few reasons why a dentist is unable to numb a patient’s mouth – Journal of the American Dental Association (1991).

Why dental injections may sometimes not work

1. Anatomic Variations – or everyone is a little different in understandable terms. Differences between people may include the following:

The jaw flares-out wider than others (making it harder for the dentist to visualize exactly where the nerve that needs numbing is), longer jaw bones or extra muscle and/or fat around the jaw, or people who have some missing back teeth are also reasons that may trick the dentist into think a nerve is in a certain place when it is actually in another.

Another consideration may include: the anatomy of a young person (stage of growth) – variable.

2. Dentist Errors – when considered that dentists are only human beings just like the rest of us … Read More