Maximize Your Space With a Quality Corner Display Cabinet

A corner display cabinet is a great choice for many UK home owners who find themselves without enough space to properly display their collectibles. Why not take advantage of unused space by choosing a display cabinet that tucks neatly into a corner of a room? A corner cabinet will protect your items while displaying them attractively. Here’s some general information about corner display cabinets.

Size and Style Considerations

A corner curio display cabinet doesn’t have to take up a lot of space. Nor does it need to stand out in a room — the right corner room display cabinet should blend seamlessly with your existing décor, regardless of whether it’s traditional or contemporary. A corner curio cabinet should be chosen with as much care as other pieces of furniture in the room.

Do Some Research First

Before purchasing a home display cabinet for your treasured collection, decide on a size. … Read More

When Bathroom Space is Limited, A Corner Medicine Cabinet May Be the Answer

Using a bathroom corner medicine cabinet is a good way to save space, particularly if the room is small. If the bathroom in question is just a half-bath, such as is often used for guest facilities near a party room, then the situation is even more critical.

Unless you are a contractor, you probably are not aware of what your local plumbing code has to say about the placement of bathroom facilities. A toilet must have at least 30″ of space to sit in, and a sink needs 20″. This means if you are considering installing both these fixtures on the same wall, you would need over 4 feet of wall space.

By putting either the toilet or the sink in the corner, it will need less space on that wall. So if the wall is long enough, you will be able to put in a somewhat bigger sink or … Read More