Get A Treadmill And Stop Contributing To The Exercise Graveyard

Okay, it is a new year and you are contemplating another piece of exercise equipment for your home. However, you do not want your next purchase to end up in the so called “Exercise Graveyard.” You know what I am talking about don’t you? – That accumulation of gimmicky devices covered in a dusty, cobweb shroud heaped in the corner of your garage. Shall we dare utter the name of these ancient items that have coagulated together to form a hideous sculpture that screams “Quit watching infomercials!” C’mon, you know there is a thighmaster in that mess somewhere! I propose an exercise equipment exodus or departure so to speak. Let’s clean out the graveyard and leave those workout relics behind. We can call it an exercise genesis if you will – becoming a new creation ready to set new fitness goals. However, we need to lay a proper foundation to … Read More