New Data Shows Health Care Policy and Costs Top of Mind for Consumers Leading Up to 2020 Presidential Election

Sapphire Digital Survey Reveals Consumers’ View of Health Care Price Transparency and How Health Care Policy Will Influence Their Vote

Sapphire Digital, a leader in empowering consumers to make better choices that deliver health care savings, today announced survey results assessing consumer views on the health care system and health care policy leading up to the 2020 presidential election. The findings reveal health care policy will influence 79% of U.S. adults’ votes in the election, with 50% of those consumers reporting health policy will most influence or heavily influence their votes compared to other policy issues. Additionally, more than one-third (34%) of adults surveyed report they would like to see both presidential candidates prioritize lowering care costs leading up to the election.

For years, health care costs have been on the rise and the recent financial impact of COVID-19 has made cost concerns even more prominent. With consumers looking to

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70% of consumers would cut ties with doctors over unprotected health data

There are growing privacy concerns among Americans due to COVID-19 with nearly 70 percent citing they would likely sever healthcare provider ties if they found that their personal health data was unprotected, a CynergisTek survey reveals.

unprotected health data

Privacy concerns

And as many employers seek to welcome staff back into physical workplaces, nearly half (45 percent) of Americans expressed concerns about keeping personal health information private from their employer.

“With the enactment of key regulations including CCPA and GDPR, we are seeing the convergence of security and privacy come to the forefront at national, state and corporate levels.

“As healthcare systems and corporations continue to grapple with data challenges associated with COVID-19 – whether that’s more sophisticated, targeted cyber-attacks or the new requirements around interoperability and data sharing, concerns around personal data and consumer awareness of privacy rights will only continue to grow,” said Caleb Barlow, president and CEO of CynergisTek.


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WebMD Health Corp. to Offer New Digital Tools to Help Consumers Manage Their Health | News

NEW YORK, Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — WebMD Health Corp. today announced a new service that enables consumers to schedule telehealth visits with participating healthcare professionals (HCPs) from the company’s WebMD Care and Vitals platforms. WebMD Care and Vitals are among the leading providers of online tools that connect consumers to HCPs and services.

In addition, consumers can now sync their Medication Reminders on the WebMD app to all their devices (iOS and Android), as well as to a new Amazon Alexa skill.

The new telehealth and Medication Reminder features further the company’s strategy to transition from health care website to health information platform, seamlessly connecting consumers to care while leveraging technologies that meet their evolving healthcare needs.

More than 76 million people use WebMD each month to access health news and trends, information on conditions and treatments, and content that educates and motivates them to take action on

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HandsFree Health Launches New Integrated Medical Alert Health System For Consumers

WellBe Emergency Alert Smartwatch expands on the HandsFree Health voice technology platform with a sleek smartwatch that provides the comfort of emergency support directly through the watch or through the WellBe voice assistant device. The smartwatch can be used all day long as a heart rate monitor and pedometer and along with WellBe Smart Speaker, the HandsFree Health platform offers medication reminders, appointment reminders, and can record blood pressure, glucose and weight.

“Your medical alert system should be much more than just emergency care help,” said Mike Cardillo, Co-Founder, HandsFree Health. “HandsFree Health combines professional emergency monitoring with preventive health features like medication reminders, health answers and entertainment features including iHeartRadio music, news reports from NPR, and weather forecasts from Accuweather.”

WellBe Emergency Alert smartwatch features includei:

  • 24/7/365 Professional Emergency Monitoring
  • 4G enabled cellular service
  • GPS- pinpoint location
  • Built-in lithium battery
  • Water resistant
  • Heart Rate Monitor &
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Change Healthcare Simplifies Billing to Bring More COVID-19 Testing Options to Consumers

New service enables pharmacies to manage COVID-19 test billing within their traditional Rx claims processes, driving the potential to dramatically expand U.S. testing capabilities

Today Change Healthcare (Nasdaq: CHNG), a leading independent healthcare technology company, announced a new solution that makes it easier for consumers to get COVID-19 testing in their local pharmacies. The company’s MedRx™ claims billing and consumer engagement solution for pharmacies now allows pharmacies to easily process and receive reimbursement for COVID-19 tests within their regular workflow. Pharmacies can now electronically bill for COVID-19 tests just as easily as they bill for prescriptions and flu shots.

Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services authorized licensed pharmacists to order and administer diagnostic tests for COVID-19. However, pharmacy testing was complicated by the fact that many states issued their own policy restrictions, and regulations continued to shift. In addition, pharmacies are generally not equipped to

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