Pros and Cons of Light Therapy

In recent years, treatments using lights has proven to be a good medical alternative to a variety of ailments ranging from sleep disorders, pain, acne attacks, SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and mild depressions. One very good point for the alternative is the effectiveness compared with the other forms of treatments in terms of ease of use, costs, time and effort.

The other factors considered are the facts that light therapy is non-invasive and drug-free at most. For SAD and mild depression, there is no more need to buy anti-depressant medications that are sometimes contra-indicated with the patients otherwise unknown illnesses and may cause complications. There is no more need for such actions as injections and the like to medicate these afflictions like the old ways in treating acne, for instance.

Advantages of Light Therapy

The light used for therapy are five to twenty time brighter than regular lights, and sports … Read More

Weighing The Pros And Cons Of The LifeCore Fitness 900RB Recumbent Bike

When it comes to exercise equipment, many people prefer the workout that a stationary recumbent bike can provide. Of course, there are many of these bikes to select from, which can make choosing the best one a challenge.

The LifeCore Fitness 900RB Recumbent Bike is one pieces of exercise equipment that has received a great deal of positive attention. One of the reasons for this attention is the fact that the model is very quiet, which makes it a good choice if you plan to watch television or listen to your radio during our workout.

The display screen on the LifeCore Fitnesss 900RB Recumbent Bike also sits low, which means it won’t get in your way as you try to watch television as you ride. According to a review in the Los Angeles Times written by Roy M. Wallack, the display console also offers “unusually crisp, bright, large, easy-to-read numbers.”… Read More

Body Bot Review – Pros and Cons of the BodyBot Fitness Software

The Body Bot fitness software is an online training program which allows you to create your own unique workouts and displays a video demonstration of this workout on your computer screen so you can follow easily. But no Body Bot review will be complete without specifying the pros and cons of this fitness tool.

Body Bot Pros and Cons


1. The BodyBot software is an online software so you don’t need to download it to your computer and install it. You can also access it from every computer with an internet connection.

2. The software allows you to create multiple workouts and so helps you to keep your exercises interesting and new. This increases motivation.

3. The exercises are easy to follow – This is because the exercises are displayed by video in front of you on the screen.

4. You can work different body parts – The exercises … Read More

Pros and Cons of a Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

Having a medicine cabinet in one’s home is a very wise decision. The problem may arise when deciding what kind of cabinet to get- wooden, marble, glass? Each of course has their strong points and disadvantages that will be the basis for your choice. In most homes a mirrored medicine cabinet is visible in the bathroom. What exactly has made them to make this choice and what should you know about this kind of cabinets?


For one thing, a medicine cabinet that has a mirrored door or surface is double purpose. It serves as an ideal place for medicine, toothbrushes and shaving razors while giving you a mirror as well. You open the cabinet, get your shaving razor, close it and shave. No need to move from your position.

Then is its ability to compliment any kind of style. You don’t have to do a lot of research to … Read More

Fat Food Tax to Pay For Health Care? A Modest Proposal – Pros and Cons

Obesity, which contributes to several health problems like cancer, stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure has become epidemic and affects nearly half the U.S population. The number of obese people has doubled since 1985, which has led to a 30% increase in health premiums. The overall financial costs of obesity are greater than those for alcoholism or smoking. The annual cost of treating health problems related to obesity is estimated at upward of $100 billion. Reduction of health costs over time will not happen if obesity is ignored.

Why more taxes?

Two reasons; First and most obvious is to raise part of the money for what is being proposed as universal health care, a subject that carries with it a separate debate. The second and probably most import reason is to raise awareness of what we are eating and how it affects our bodies. The American public is woefully ignorant … Read More

Exercise Ball Exercises – Pros and Cons

Look around any gym and you’ll see them bouncing around, and it seems like everyone wants a go. See, exercise ball exercises look like fun. Too many routines, too often make the focus” no pain no gain” and bore us to tears in the process, but fun isn’t just a bonus.

Your workout routine is only any good if you actually use it, and you are way more likely to do that if you are enjoying yourself. Mental stimulation and variety can be a huge part of a successful workout program and exercise ball exercises seem to be able to provide this.

But do exercise ball exercises actually deliver or is that bundle of fun just a distraction from the serious business of getting results. Let’s consider some of the advantages and disadvantages of using them.


The exercise ball gives you the ability to add a new twist to … Read More