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Elevate your home gym with with these stylish, luxury fitness equipment options. While we’re no longer home-bound, being confined has taught us that we don’t need to go to the gym to work on our fitness goals. And if you need a boost of motivation, or looking to upgrade your routine, these luxury home gym equipment will up your game.

Louis Vuitton jump rope

You’ve probably already heard the news here, but Louis Vuitton has recently launched workout equipment in its home goods line. This includes the Jump Rope Christopher with handles covered with a masculine-looking Monogram Eclipse canvas with a matching cord rope.

Versace dumbbells

Add a touch of opulence to your workout regime with these Versace dumbbells. They feature embossed Medusa heads at the end, and weigh 3.5kg each. Available via MatchesFashion.

Pent Fitness Lova Kettlebells

Kettlebells that double up as decor pieces? Yes