Mobile health unit to provide COVID-19 testing across the Lehigh Valley in coming weeks

A mobile site for COVID-19 testing developed for neighborhoods where traditional health care locations aren’t readily accessible will visit locations around the Lehigh Valley over the next few weeks.

The CATE Mobile Response Unit — CATE stands for Community Accessible Testing & Education — was developed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Highmark Blue Shield, Independence Blue Cross, and Latino Connection.

In collaboration with St. Luke’s University Health Network and other community partners, the unit will conduct COVID-19 testing for people who are showing symptoms or who have been exposed to the pandemic illness, while also educating the public on how to stay healthy and safe.

The unit’s tagline is “Sharing knowledge to erase fear,” which it accomplishes through widespread community health care and health education offered for free and with no insurance required.

CATE’s schedule is as follows:

Allentown (Flu shots also available): Buck Boyle Park, 10 Pump

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Trump’s war on Obamacare is coming back to bite him

Americans don’t yet know whether doctors have protected President Donald Trump from the effects of Covid-19. They do know his gold-standard care is beyond their reach.

a black sign with white text: corte falla incosntitucional clausula obamacare salud pkg isabel morales_00003206.jpg

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corte falla incosntitucional clausula obamacare salud pkg isabel morales_00003206.jpg

And that moves to center stage an issue beyond the Trump administration’s fumbling response to coronavirus: the President still wants to eliminate his predecessor’s signature Affordable Care Act.

Three years after the late Sen. John McCain turned thumbs down on the effort to repeal Obamacare in Congress, Trump offers a three-part health care pitch:

  • Part 1: he has all but eliminated Obamacare already.
  • Part 2: His cheaper alternative preserves Obamacare’s most popular features.
  • Part 3: as a result, a Supreme Court decision to erase the entire law would represent “a big win” for the country.

Unfortunately for Trump, voters have seen that parts one and two are both false. And that makes

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Professional Bull Riders world finals coming to Texas

PBR will implement COVID-19 safety and health protocols, including social distancing, sanitization and limiting capacity to 50%.

True cowboys will step foot on the grounds of AT&T Stadium in November as the Professional Bull Riders World Finals were moved to Arlington due to COVID-19 restrictions in its original location of Las Vegas, officials announced Thursday.

Nov. 12-15 will mark the first time the event has been held in Texas. Tickets go on sale Oct. 5.

The event offers a $1 million Monster Energy World Champion bonus and coveted gold buckle to the PBR World Champion and a $300,000 check to the winner.

PBR will implement COVID-19 safety and health protocols, including physical distancing, sanitization and limiting capacity to 50%. It will also have pod-style seating to limit crossover interaction between fans.

Face masks will be required, per Gov. Greg Abbott’s order.

It was originally scheduled for the T-Mobile Arena in

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The White House: Trump’s always-coming-soon health-care plan is coming soon

There has perhaps been no more frequently promised product than Trump’s comprehensive proposal on health care. Over and over, Trump has insisted there will be something to replace the Affordable Care Act. Over and over, he has set deadlines for when it will come. Over and over, those deadlines pass.

On Tuesday, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany was asked when Trump’s proposal would appear, given that he promised it by Aug. 2 and then by Aug. 21 and then by Aug. 31.

“The president, in the next week or so, will be laying out his vision for health care,” McEnany said in response to a reporter’s question. “Some of that has already been put out there, like telemedicine and lowering the cost of drugs … and protecting preexisting conditions. But the president will be laying out some additional health-care steps in the coming, I would say, two weeks.”


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The Russians Are Coming* – The Russians Are Going

In this day and age, Russian spies have been identified, living amongst us, hacking at will, stealing our most precious secrets. Like we don’t have enough to worry about! But, apparently it’s true, and to be sure, nothing is safe. They even could have peeked into your kitchen, pretending to be friends, or even sneaking through your iPhone, discretely replicating your recipes or copying the layout of your cupboards. Even worse, they could have been making notes on the construction of your cabinetry to send to China, so that they can produce them cheaper, thus undermining our fragile economy.

While it’s true that 35 undesirables have recently been given 72 hours to leave town and go back to Russia, more than likely there are others still lurking about. And, just by examining your cabinets a trained spy could discern a great deal about them. So it pays for you … Read More