Stephanie Grace: Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death could change everything, starting with health care | Columnist Stephanie Grace

At a recent televised town hall, President Donald Trump vowed — again — that he’s about to reveal his plan to protect people with preexisting conditions from losing their insurance or being priced out of the market.

“We’re going to be doing a health care plan very strongly and protect people with preexisting conditions,” he told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, claiming that his plan was not only in the works but ready to go.

I’ll believe that when I see it, which I’m quite sure I never will. Trump’s been offering up the same line for pretty much his entire term now and hasn’t delivered, and clearly isn’t about to.

The good news is that, ever since the late U.S. Sen. John McCain, of Arizona, gave his dramatic thumbs down to a weak replacement proposal (championed by Louisiana U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy, among others), it hasn’t mattered. Minus the financial penalties

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