Ball Family Farms x Viola Collab Hopes to Inspire While Supporting Reentry Programs

Two big names in black cannabis are collaborating with the community in mind.

But before Ball Family Farms CEO Chris Ball could link up with longtime NBA veteran Al Harrington for their Reign collaboration, he had a lot on his plate:

His own career as a pro athlete in Canada. Using it as cover to bring weed back on the side to his beloved Los Angeles where he undercut the price point of locally grown cannabis. Getting caught by the feds. Learning to grow fire. Ball has packed it in.

When Ball returned from Canada he hadn’t just gained a new love of cultivation, he brought home some of the results regularly. While some might think the idea of smuggling weed into Los Angeles from abroad is a bit outlandish, for five years Ball found it to be a fantastic idea. Until it wasn’t.

The RICO Act got involved when

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