This Is How Coaching Programs Can Help Out-Of-Answers Leaders With Employee Mental Health

World Mental Health Day, October 10, arrives at a time during which corporate commitment to mental health and recovery is at the top of the news. One of the largest trends is in coaching programs, popularized in the 1980s. Historically, support for mental fitness has been most readily found at the extremes — the corporate elite and those with mental illness or substance abuse issues. Questions about how unregulated coaching programs differ from licensed medical professionals—and who’s best suited to help from a coach—are being asked by leaders nationwide.

I asked experts how they might explain the objective of business-related coaching programs in particular.

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College football coaching highlights and lowlights of Week 3

A light Week 3 slate in college football — the final weekend before the SEC joins the party — brought us coaching debuts, reality checks and even some returns from the dead. 

The spotlight will dim as the SEC, Big Ten and Pac-12 start to enter into the national college football equation and saturate the slate. While many coaches have thrived with the stage to themselves, others will welcome the distraction of more big boys in college football. 

Here are the coaches who stood out from the crowd in the last weekend before the SEC’s arrival.

Head Coach of the WeekJeff Hafley, Boston College

There were all kinds of reasons to think Boston College was not well-positioned to find early season success: Hafley arrived as a new head coach, without spring practice, with truncated summer workouts, with a new offensive coordinator bringing an NFL system with him,

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The Origin and Evolution of Coaching (Life/Wellness/Business Coaching)


Since its inception in the 1930s as a process tailored to executive development and sales, coaching has evolved from these original applications to include a much wider array of disciplines. Coaching now encompasses a virtually unlimited variety of niche specialties, ranging from wellness and fitness to relationships, life management and business performance. In some cases, coaching even serves in matters of spirituality and life-purpose. All this to say, the coaching profession has exploded and in the process it has created a diverse population of passionate individuals committed to leading lives informed by personal choice while championing others to do the same.

Although the profession is relatively new in terms of accreditation and officially sanctioned standards, coaching’s roots run deep. Indeed, countless pioneers, thought-leaders, and seminal theorists have contributed and shaped the myriad styles – or modalities – of coaching in wide use today. In this article, I’ll provide an … Read More